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FSW Conversations 3: Aliza Licht of Leave Your Mark

FSW talks with luxury marketing and brand strategy expert Aliza Licht of Leave Your Mark about the art of personal branding and why owning your story matters.

In this episode, FSW co-publisher Jessica Quillin sits down with Aliza Licht, award-winning marketer, two-time author, personal branding expert, podcaster, and founder of Leave Your Mark. She was the original social media influencer as DKNY PR Girl.

Throughout the conversation, Aliza speaks about how her experiences in fashion and luxury marketing shaped her future work as a brand strategy and marketing expert and mentor. She also dives deep into why it is important to control your own narrative and other practical tips on personal branding from her second book “On Brand.”

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FSW Conversations
FSW Conversations brings together strategic leaders, creatives, and makers to discuss practical strategic and research-based insights for leaders in the fashion and luxury industries. FSW Conversations is a media publication from Fashion Strategy Weekly by It's A Working Title, LLC.