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FSW Conversations 4: Alison Lowe, MBE

FSW chats with fashion PR legend Alison Lowe, MBE about her impressive career, why fashion needs an MBA programme, and what it was like to meet Queen Elizabeth II.

In this episode, FSW co-publisher Jessica Quillin talks with fashion PR and branding guru, Alison Lowe, MBE. As a serial entrepreneur and business mentor, she is well known as the founder of Felicities, a fashion branding and PR agency that supports, educates, and nurtures young creative talent.

Alison is the author of the book “How to Start Your Own Fashion Label - the Definitive Guide,” which became an Amazon No.1 bestseller. She has acted as a marketing consultant to brands across the globe and is the Director of Careers and Enterprise for the School of Arts and Creative Industries at the University of East London. Alison was awarded an MBE for Services to the Fashion Industry in HRH The Queen's Birthday Honours 2017.

Throughout the conversation, Alison discusses the imperative for critical business skills among fashion designers and what is missing from most fashion educational curricula. She makes the argument for why the industry needs a fashion-centric MBA program to educate designers on how to run a fashion business. Alison also reflects on her experiences receiving an MBE and meeting Queen Elizabeth II.

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