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FSW Conversations 11: Richard Kuchinsky of The Directive Collective

FSW chats with shoe designer Richard Kuchinsky about the art and science of footwear, why designing for performance matters, and the creative value of running.

In this edition of FSW Conversations, we chat with Richard Kuchinsky, Principal and Owner of The Directive Collective, a full-service design footwear design consultancy.

With over 20 years of experience in the footwear industry, he has driven the creative design and development process for a range of clients focused on design DNA and strategy. Richard is a Boston Qualifying marathoner and is very active within the running community. 

In this episode, Richard dives into the art and science of footwear design and why “super shoes” may be worth the hype. He also discusses how his experiences creating running shoes inspired him to become a runner and why the running community is such an untapped opportunity for brands.

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